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Simplify your cloud experience

Take your cloud-to-cloud experience to the next level with simple, quick-to-add extensions and ready to activate.
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Why choose us?

TPCloud - Cloud UNIQUE is deployed and verified by VMWARE in Vietnam, recognized by VMware as Professional Cloud Provider - a professional cloud technology provider.

TPCloud's services are provided with high security standards, combined with the infrastructure of Tpcoms connected to Internet service providers in Vietnam to ensure businesses are always connected and effective.
Why choose us?
Flexible use

Without worrying about restricted access, you have the right to customize the virtual server according to your own needs and pay only for the resources you use.

Reasonable cost

TPCloud will never send you a "shock" invoice for your cloud using. You can totally check and control the fee, make sure that the bills are exact anytime you want.

Clear expenditure

All you receive from TPCloud will be simple and easy to understand. Your expense list will always be specific for each service.

Global expertise

TPCloud provides cloud services in Vietnam. And, our team of experts can assist you on a global scale.

Your cloud environment once

TPCloud is based on VMware Cloud environment. So you can find familiar "view and touch" - just like using VMware.

Keep your data in your area

You need to set up area and location for your data. TPCloud will help keep you data stay safe in right-there-they-are.

API and UI control

TPCloud portal provide you access to control you cloud data and relating system via API and UI.

Smooth networking

TPCloud will include the solutions for your networking with the most advanced firewall and networking tools, supporting you all time everywhere.

Multi-level Cloud Integration

Not only one cloud, Tpcloud allow you to integrate many clouds with multi-level system. You can easy connect to hyper-scalers like Amazon AWS for S3 and Azure for Office365.

Our products

Keep up with the strong development of cloud computing in the world and solve business problems of system scalability, effective management, IT personnel optimization, security level and Data availability with Cloud service ecosystem of TPCloud.

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