Who we are?

TPCloud is the reserved name for cloud services using VMware virtualization infrastructure and owned by Tpcoms - Tien Phat Technology Joint Stock Company.

Tpcoms is a provider of telecommunication and IT services established in 2012 by members with many years of experience in the Vietnamese telecommunications market with more than 200 experts, telecommunications engineers, IT, Sales & pre teams. -sales professional, providing customers with Cloud products, telecommunications services, IT solutions on the best infrastructure and technology.

In 2019, Tpcoms became the first Vietnamese enterprise to sign with VMware - the FIRST Cloud Provider System be verified in Vietnam.
Who we are?

Why choose us?

TPCloud - Cloud is THE FIRST deployed and verified by VMWARE in Vietnam, recognized by VMware as Professional Cloud Provider - a professional cloud technology provider.

TPCloud services are provided with high security standards, combined with the infrastructure of Tpcoms that connect with Internet service providers in Vietnam to ensure businesses are always connected and efficient.
Why choose us?

Our technology

TPCloud uses the VMware Software Definition Data Center (SDDC) platform to provide integrated infrastructure including (computer, storage, network and security), automated management and system management. information technology of the business.

Guaranteed Cloud Technology

The full use of VMware's technology platform allows us to provide customers with a professional cloud service with features like vMotion, HA, NSX and DR as a service.

Server infrastructure

Using VMware virtualization technology and deployed on Cisco, EMC unified architecture infrastructure, complying with strict VMware global regulations on safety and high stability:

The system is deployed by VMware experts and is operated with a team of VMware certified engineers.


TPCloud provides automation-enhanced cloud services, giving customers the ultimate control and saving the best time and manpower possible.

TPCloud's Partner

TPCloud and Partners, together we will open the Cloud community with the top services.
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